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What is AblePay?

AblePay is a unique and innovative program that addresses what many of us are dealing with as individuals, employees, and as employers; how to diffuse the rising costs of deductibles and coinsurance. 

AblePay Health is a no-cost add on to your existing health insurance. Do not let the name fool you. They are not health or supplemental insurance, a financing company, a payroll service, or a health savings plan.

AblePay is a healthcare consumer company that assists their members by providing discounts, flexible and convenient payment options, and the necessary support if you ever have a question or an issue. Their goal is to make navigating the healthcare system as painless as possible.

No Cost? (No Catch, No Kidding!)

Unlike other memberships (gyms, wholesale clubs, AAA, etc.) AblePay truly is no cost, and they really mean it, there are no catches or hidden fees.

They are asked all the time, if it’s no cost, how do they make money? The answer is simple…

By assisting their provider partners in reducing expenses and receivable times,they have negotiated a discounted rate in exchange for guaranteed payment immediately after the insurance process is completed. This allows them to pass a portion of these savings, up to 13%, along to their members. They simply retain a portion of the savings to fund the business. That’s how they can provide the benefit at NO-COST!

How do CPBGH Members Benefit?

Any employee of a CPBGH member company will have $10 put into their account when they sign up for AblePay. 

How do you participate?
CPBGH Members, enroll directly on the AblePay website, and use Promo Code CPBGH20 to receive a $10 credit on your account!

CPBGH is Proud of our Parternship with AblePay!
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